Monday, February 4, 2013

Playing in the snow, C/h. in a dayzz

Hey friends!!  Our winter vacation is coming to a close, so nothing too exciting to really talk about --> on here anyway  :)  I thought I would blog a life highlight: a trip the the store LOL

It was single digit degrees or below 0 this evening.  It was soooo cold I kept putting my gloves back on because my fingers kept losing feeling in this weather.  Super cold this day!  I hope the video will play for you!  If it does not play, don't worry, your not missing anything too fantastic  Dozier is just being a grown boy and jumping in the snow piles and I am laughing and trying to keep my hands from freezing!

We love and miss everyone back home, and those in other states too!  Please give us a call and leave a message if we do not answer!  Our semester resumes the last week of February so we can talk until we fall out tired.  Our number and best times to call are in the "Donate/Contact" tab at the top of this page.  

NOTE*** It is free to call us, we use  Ma. gi c  Jack and call through the internet.  Please be mindful of the words used on the phone, any words referencing 'S un day morning activities' should be kept to a minimum.

The city is beginning to liven up a bit with decorations and ads on the city TV screens are brighter than usual!!  This Sunday is the C h/ in.ese New Y e a r!!  No plans are exact but hop on the bus and go downtown!  Hopefully we will see dancing and singing!  Who knows?! The stores we went to today (2/5/13) had beautiful lanterns and charms hanging and spinning from the ceilings!  So fascinating seeing the differences in c u l. tu re from our own to another part of the world... and we are in the middle of the festivities!  I hope to get some good pictures for the scrapbook!  And every one back home too :D

Enjoy the pictures!

Leaving our campus for the bus stop.  It is a nice dusk now but in 5 minutes it gets dark sooo fast!

Overlooking the city.  Pretty sunset!

The city is lighting up!

"Dozier?  What are you planning to do with this fresh clump of snow????"    .... "Dozier????"

"I will attempt to throw it at you!" HAHAHAHA
And then the wife squeals and runs away.... Off he goes to throw it as far as he can and watch it  burst into a dry  cloud.
 It is terribly dry here!

Just a picture showing how deep it can be in some areas.  We made these tracks in the fresh snow.

Scenery, Dozier and anther person walking on the street.

Playing in the snow... or is he falling in the snow?  LOL  I don't know but we had a ton of laughs before we ever made it to the
bus stop.

Attempting another snow ball to hurl at his wife SQUEALS!

Blurry and dark, but oh well, it is another picture

Being a boy.... *Clears throat* I mean A MAN!!  HAHAHA

Again blurry but dark.  I just thought this one was funny the way his scarf is wrapped.  He  looks like he has an
enormous beard LOL

Having fun!

I hope the video works!  It was taken on my android smart phone so I have no idea which way to hold it to make it upright for the viewer... 
sorry peeps.

Go drink some Swiss Miss and hug 
your loved ones!!

Peace <3

D + M

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