Monday, July 29, 2013

Ice cream cone :D

Written by Michaella:

Browsing the market on a hot Saturday after teaching a class, I have about two hours to just be downtown and enjoy the city to myself.  Boy am I getting brave!  LOL  I know the streets, bus system, culture and language enough now to go out and about and have a great time with the people here in this land of sorts  :)

One on my favorite things about being here, is that almost everyone wants to talk and have some sort of interaction with us.  Not to mention getting a picture snapped with them before moving on I know he and I all over the net with as many cameras that's been in our face.  We feel famous!!!!

Well, today, as it was quite hot, I have been seeing some people around with small ice cream cones and finally spotted the source from which they came!  YES! and they were only 3 yuan.  With four flavors, I was really craving a smooth soft serve vanilla in a cone and to my desire THEY HAD white!!  Well, to my limited knowledge, I think it was intended to be vanilla.  With high hopes, I step in line.

Let me stop and laugh out loud hysterically at my very own statement:  "Step in line"  LOLOLOLOLL  HAHAHHAA  BAWHAHAHAAHAHAH  Hilarious!!!!!!!!!!!   Ok... Ill collect myself. AHEM........

No direct lines here, its just those who has money wavering in the sellers face with the right words: "I want that" in which I have mastered to say in this language :D  With a creeping smile, money waving, and arms stuck out to stake my claim of my "spot-in-line" HAHAHAHA  Finally she sees me and returns my now stretched smile as I await my loooong desired vanilla ice cream cone, after 11 months, might I add  :D

As quick as it was, the money was handed and my cone was filled!!!  I turned with glee and went for my first taste!!  OHHH Boy was I happy and certainly was a sight to be seen in the large crowd around me as I was smiling like a silly fool!!! HAHAHA  Well, it was no McDonalds soft serve (I really like Mcdonalds soft serve) and it was no Briers (SP?... I've been gone too long.. I can't remember how to spell it...)  But with a bit of a cool grainy milky (not so vanilla but it will do) flavor, it burst in my mouth and I was happy!!   I enjoyed the cone for maybe... 45 seconds then I realized it started to melt... really fast....  

Well stink...  My pack of tissues are in the bottom of my bag, so I start licking fast... STOOPID BRAIN FREEZE!!!  Oh the stares of people were getting a kick our of the foreigner LOLOLOL

FINALLY!!!  I feel the tip of the tissue package when all of the sudden.......................................................

BAM!!!!!  A lady walks slam into my ice cream cone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  All on the front of her BLACK silky blouse.... of the horror!!!!!!!!!!

Immediately, panic spreads over my face because I am just now comfortable with general market talk (but to a Westerner, its yelling, and I get very nervous when people yell....) I wasn't really sure what to expect in the next immediate 10 seconds....  So with my dripping and smashed in cone, my STOOPID pack of tissues are not wriggling free from the depths of my bag... AAAAHHHH

I look at her and say "I am so sorry!!!!"  Over and over in my best Chi nese accent of course...  Well, she responded in a typical single lady response: "May-sure"  over and over that means "It's OKAY"

I just wanted to hand her a tissue or two or five!!!!!!  Oh man.... I felt so bad... so with a quickness I step to the side, wrap my what-was-left cone in a tissue and head for the trash.  So ladies and gentlemen, Chi nese ice cream was not fully worth my $.08 US cents or 3 Yuan.....  I will just gladly figure out how to perfect the baggie ice cream at home, now that I have some very high quality milk from K0r3a!!!  :)

Any suggestions on my new agenda in Michaella's kitchen??

Much love to you all.

Go hug someone, and please, sit down with ice cream cones!!!!!!!!!

D  +  M

Wednesday, July 10, 2013


'YOUR STAGE' pops YUST, name of the college that Dozier
teaches in.  Very clever hee hee  :)

Had a blast dancing in the YUST performance last month!!  The guy with dozier (above) his Chi nese name is Fan, English name is Oscar.  He became a great friend to me and Dozier but then left us for Hong Kong   :`(   He promised to visit if ever gets 
near Alabama when we get back.  

We had a great time doing a crazy flash mob dance with him and like 20-25 other people.  We wore neon colors and had four groups then ran on stage for a synchronized dance.  There were 20 acts so it was a looong night.  After it was over the grand finale was lighting some things on fire.  Scroll down to see   :)

The MC's for the night.  The ladies came out in a
different dress every time.

Everyone was taking pictures, laughing and having a great time when they finally got
everything lit up.  This large group began dancing, singing and laughing.
You can see them holding hands and moving in a circle.

Great times.  Great memories.  Great marriage.  Great love.  
Can it get any better than this?  

(Wǒ ài zhège nánrén)  (I love this man)

Fun times!!!  Have a great day everyone!!!

D  +  M  <3