Sunday, January 29, 2012

The start of student teaching

     So this past week, I began student teaching at Briarwood.  But before I was accepted, I had an interview with two of the principals.. for FORTY minutes!  So once I got past the first 2 minutes of small nerves the whole interview went pretty well, but then my mouth began to run dry and of course my palms were sweating... I just wanted to stop talking and move on with my day!  Well, I await anxiously for 5 days for the call if I am accepted or not, and of course I am completely incapable of sleeping so I am thoroughly exhausted the day they call.. so tired that is that I had to take a nap.   All I could think about was, please dont call and wake me up becuase I do not want to sound groggy, (LAZY) at 2 in the afternoon!!!  Well, naps never go well with me, I cant fall asleep and when I do its 3 am.. what a drag!
    My first day was an early day, I met 8 thousand people and could not hardly remember my own name at the end of the day, due to the large influx of names in my face.  And why is it when you are the new person, you are the only one with a name tag?  Well, shoot... I met an old friend after lunch in the hall and she asked me who my teacher is... and of course stupid brain froze up, and I could not remember my own teachers name!!  ugh...
    The rest of the day went well, I sat hunched over the kids reading center table so my back was a big knot at the end of the day.  But it was a so nice and the other teachers were very supportive and the kids are wonderful!!  I received many "love" notes and "I hope you enjoy being our teacher" notes form man of the students.  It was a great first day  :)
    I am anxious to teach and can not wait to be in the classroom.  God has truly placed me in the right field of study in the right school for student teaching.  I could not have asked for a better teacher to do my student teaching with!