Thursday, February 21, 2013

Successful first day back to school!

Arriving at school early set me up for a well planned out first day!  I was ready for anything!  I got up super early, had oatmeal (my feel good food) and plenty of water to awaken the brain!  Hooray!  The first day back to school is finally here!

As I briskly welcome my students back, I felt confident and ready!  WAAAAAAY better start than last fall..  yeah... I was pretty much a dead limp vegetable drying up from extreme dehydration as alien like foods entered my bloodstream... WOW Never have I experienced such wild sicknesses and feelings from traveling 14 time zones... AND STAYING!!!    HA

The bell rang and I opened our time with a warm smile, greeting and pr yer, then chuckled to myself of all the sleepy faces before me :)  They had no idea was about to hit 'em!  A prepared teacher!  Well, as I confidently turned on the projector to display my astronomical power point (okay, I was more than ready... alright?  HAHAHA) then suddenly, I realized with horror what was happening as the laughter from the class bellowed up from beside me.... The display on the wall was...upside down!!!  I took one look at all the chi nese symbols on that projector, let out a quiet HUFF, turned to the class, laughed out loud, and said "I HAVE NO IDEA HOW TO FIX THIS!!"

Deflated, I hit the ONE button I knew --> the power button.  I then I silently yet irritatingly decided to commence my presentation with the best enthusiasm I could portray to get the information transferred to my awaiting minds HEE HEE

All of the sudden, a little voiced piped up and proclaimed: "OH I NOW REMEMBER HOW TO CHANGE IT!"  I said in the best Rod Roddy voice: "Well we have a winner!  Come on down!!"  

Three buttons people.... THREE!!!!   Ctrl, Alt, down arrow.  Then: Ctrl, Alt, up arrow

Well there ya go folks, a new shortcut to save your life.  Another cool shortcut in case you ever close down a tab: Ctrl, Shift, T.   WOW can you believe this one??  My whole world changed after discovering this recently.

When first period ended, I walked into the hallway to be in the buzz of the students and here comes the Headmaster saying as loud as he can above the noise of changing classes:

"There will be no running water to flush the commodes, and may not come on before school lets out!!"

Oh well, at least we drink bottled water from a cooler and my olfactory is becoming desensitized to the odious vapors in the air :)   Well, hooray, I would say between this and panicky students from homework shock, and no bloody noses, well, at least today, I would say it was quite a successful first day!


The water did get fixed after 4 hours <Insert hysterical belly laugh, and repeat>

Mrs. Michaella outstanding 5th and 6th grade teacher in Ch ina

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