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Lee Christmas in C, h/ n.a 2012


A delayed Christmas was spent in the Lee home; we had to wait till the Saturday after Christmas to celebrate our traditions!  It was well worth the wait ;)  There were deadlines to meet that were too many to stop and enjoy our Holiday together, so we postponed a few days.  

Many phone calls were made to our loved ones and that helped ease the blues we were feeling... I can not tell a lie... We were very sad to not be around our loved ones as this time away has taught us that people are too important to let go!!!  Make the most of your relationships friends, truly cherish every one and make time to be with them.  You never know when you might find yourself 14 time zones away and dying for your loved one to not get off the phone even thought its midnight there, all without saying exactly.. okay begging  PLEASE DON'T HANG UP!  But by cherishing every word and moment shared by keeping the conversation going :)

Our  s p. ir .its  were lifted after making so many re-connections with great technology today, Skype, FB, Gchat and phone.  After our deadlines were met and offices were cleaned, we went home and prepared for a little shopping for each other the next day :)  Here is a picture of the finished products.  Some gifts include our favorite chips, moon pies, pens, cushions we really needed for our rock hard couch, shoes for our freezing feet, candles, coffee mugs, candy/chocolate, a jar of peaches because he loves them in a jar, a wall clock that we REALLY NEEDED, a book mark for fun, and a few other gifts from the neighborhood we added into this picture, like the super fancy bath set given by one of my students!

Like my LEE picture I made?  I cut a foam square used for kids play mats, and hot glued some felt and ribbon!  I brought the twine with me and hot glued the letters down.  The red 2012 was drawn and just taped there for memory sake, so we know in 50 years what year this was.

Trying to give you a better shot of our homemade Christmas tree :D

A neighbor gave us these with a personalized Christmas story for each of us.  Each were filled with Ch i. n/ ese candy and ONE bite sizr REAL snickers!!  Wahoo it was a bite of H/ e .av ,en!
Stealing a pic of my handsome hunk as he stuffs his face with the breakfast I made!  Too cute!
"You got a little yogurt on your lip there deary"  Tee hee
This is by far my favorite gift!  One of his college students gave him his mask and he set out to find the girl mask.  It has a pink gel insert inside.  TOO CUTE!!  I could not stop laughing!!!!
Trying out a funny face..... bahahahaha

Yes I call my husband Dodo.  (Doe-Doe)  hee hee hee

After breakfast, Christmas story and gifts, we went outside to play in the snow!!!   Lots of pictures here!

The elevated hall in the back right is what everyone calls the "Gr,ea,t  W al.l"  Its really a big hall that connects all of the buildings on campus and is freezing in there!  Notice the iced over windows!  The cold seems to get trapped but its better than being in the wind AND the cold!  Terrible....
This can be seen from our window; the new business building
that just went up

Making snow A n,ge. ls!!!!
Both of our snow ang, els.  M-Left.  D-Right

Michaella's very first snow A ng, el!!
Dozier's; not his first.

Lee family!!!

Overlooking the city.

FUN IN THE SNOW!!!  A little blurry... sorry.

Having fun!!!

What to do... except throw powdered snow!  It was soooo dry, we could not even pack a snow ball!

Loving this time with my husband!!!  One of my favorite lines of life "Let's make a memory hunny!!" ~ Spoken by yours truly, M

Dozier's college.  Look at the piled up snow on the steps!

Here, read this.... bawhahahaha!
This was s sign on a post... yep... no clue...

Here is a full picture of the post.  It probably says "dont touch the pole" HAHAHAHA

Where's Dozier?
He is being a boy and charting new territory :D 

Tag, I am it now!  Just wait til you see where he is taking me!

By the way, all of these pictures on this post are all from our campus.

Look at his feet, he is uncovering snow to show me we
can ice skate!
He says "Let me take a picture of my beautiful wife"  since I am the one taking the shots right now LOL

I am testing out the 3 inch deep frozen pond... because I have never  scooted across a frozen anything outside of an ice
skating rink with ice skates.

OKAY!!!  I think it is safe!

And away we scooted and skated for about 20 minutes in this little secluded area on campus.  SOOOO pretty, all the trees were heavy with snow.  Of course we held hands, laughed very hard, fell a few times (well, I did, he was like a tree firmly planted by this frozen stream of water :D ) whispered sweet nothings and stole a few smooches in this dreamy moment <3

<3 Love and make memories my friends <3

We walked on after the frozen pond towards the front of the campus, well sort of anyway.  This is an art piece made by previous students.

Dozier's new friends ;D

Much love from the Lee family all the way from C, h/. na!  Merry Christmas and Happy 2013!  Now go squeeze your family and tell them you love them very, VERY much!!!!

D + M

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