Sunday, February 10, 2013

Emerging from the warmth Ch / na Dayzz

We ventured out and took a walk to my school for the day.  The semester is about to start again so it is time to come out into the cold and get some work done in the classroom!  We are very thankful for the long break to rest and finish getting settled in our sweet little home.  Nine weeks is a long time to not see many friends... wow was it quiet for many of our weeks.  The most exciting events were going into the city just to walk around and attempt conversations with the natives.  There were a few families here so we got together some to socialize and be around each other.  For the most part, it was terribly quiet around here over the whole break.  Many books were read and attempts to get ahead on our classwork occurred in our time off.

Here are a couple pictures of us emerging from our tiny but warm room and venturing in wind chills down to -25F.  Let me just say, my glasses were completely frozen over half way through the way. By the time we reached inside the building, I thought the heat was going to make them crack.  As I fumbled with the keys at the door, I realized I could not even feel my hands.  It felt like I had no forearms or hands.... Never in my life I have felt such a strange thing.  Dozier was trying his best to help with the keys and get us inside... I was very sacred, I can not lie.  My face felt gone, my hands were not coming back to life, so I just cried a little and he took me close and just hugged each other trying to warm up..  Of course a few sneaky smooches were stolen TEE HEE.  Yeah... I warmed up fast <3

Feeling came back and life appeared on our limbs and faces as we raced upstairs to where it was really warm in the school!  As the sun began setting around 4:45pm, we donned our winter apparel and ran for the hills!!   It is only a 10-11 minute walk from our dorm to my school but we ran most of the way.  BRRRRRR

Don't leave your home without ear covering, face covering, or any part of your skin kind of covering!!!

Doz adjusting his quickly freezing glasses as we leave our dorm.
He is standing on a hill of ice just outside the door.

Much love to you all!  Give us a call if any of you have time!  We have spent many hours on the phone catching up with loved ones over the break.  When the semester resumes, our time at home will be limited, of course, to receive calls throughout most of the day.  We are 14 hours ahead of Bham time and 13 hours ahead from our East coast friends.  The call is free thanks to Magic Jack; it uses the internet to make calls.

What a wonderful Maker He is and Savi0r we serve; how majestic His whisper is, what a wonderful G 0. d  and Father we serve!  Give Him P. ra ise, your service and adoration with your life my friends!  Spur others on, and if need, use your spurs!  


D  + M

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  1. Awwwwww! I ALWAYS enjoy reading your blogs! Love and Miss you guys TREMENDOUSLY!!!!! <3 Cassie May Isbell <3