Monday, April 29, 2013

Pregnant orange :D

Browsing my Facebook page, I realized I have a TON of new mommy friends (25+) and wanted to give a sweet congratulations to the mommies AND daddies with their new additions!  Much love too all of those tagged and those I missed tagging, really, more than 25 took a bit of time :)  

With many anticipating the one day big news of me and Dozier saying we have one in the oven........ I must confess.......


Nothing but lemon bread is in this gals oven with a side of a pregnant orange hee hee hee.  

Happy Monday everyone!!!!! :D :D 

For now,
D  +  M  still = just 2

Sunday, April 14, 2013

A little April update from the little Lee family in this little corner of the world :D

A little love goes a long way.  Dozier and I sure hope it is felt in the long distance from here to your heart as you read this.  Our loved ones are missed for sure and we of course long to be home soon... but our life is here a little while longer.  We are quite confident we will be here through December and possibly until Summer of 2014.  With this said, we are very thankful for the recent move to a bigger unit last weekend.  It happened out of the blue as we kept pressing to be given a bigger unit.  

This is now the third unit we have been in.  Finally, the place is the right size and much more quiet.  Before it was a tiny one room efficiency and we lived underneath the male student floor...  yeah... it was never quiet, except maybe between the hours of 5am to 7am.  Now we fall asleep to the raging winds ripping around our corner unit.  Strangely, it is a rather soothing sound!  That has been something we have missed is white noise...  brrr too cold to turn on a fan etc...  

Well, our internet was set up on Friday, but we could not get it to connect, so hopefully we can work this out on Monday.  Dozier and I came up to my (Michaella's) school for internet use and grading.  He has mid terms next week then I have report cards the week after.  Both of our schools have a four day break that EVERYONE is looking forward too!!!  Wahoo!

Both of us feel stronger as teachers; I have been so proud of my students, in both grades 5 and 6, as their grades have come up, and my ESL students are surpassing my expectation!  Hooray!!  Currently, we are looking for some teachers for grades: Kindergarten (more than likely for K) one teacher for grades either 3 or 4 and one teacher for grades either 5 or 6.  We are working towards splitting all of the grades.  Please message me if you are interested!  Free lunch every day, great work environment (once you get used to the many items here that are greatly stimulating to your sensory's) and it is paid some, with low rent on campus :D  basically, it is just enough to be sustained.

Anyway, it is a process that can be done with some help from people here to guide you along the way.  Please YARP about it and let other teachers know!!  (read backwards :D )

Dozier and I hope everyone is doing well and please know we miss everyone greatly and think of home often!  Well, it is getting late here, Sunday night about 7:45pm and we have been at my school all afternoon since lunch, working.  Hopefully our internet problems will be resolved soon so we do not have to leave home to do work!  Our health is ok, of course my guy is healthy as a horse then my allergies get in the way.  I have suffered a week long battle of head congestion and terribly sore throat all week.  I am on the mend!  This was brought on by the move we made last week due to not new mold but large amounts to clean and being around bleach for days and days.. ugh... Thankfully students came to help us clean and move!

Goodnight to all!  We are going home to our little apartment that still contain a few boxes around with items to go in our kitchen cabinets.  There are zero shelves in the entire kitchen... ?... We do not know why but anyway, there are about twelve on order and we are waiting for them to be installed.  Oh well, such is life :)  We are just so thankful for this place!!!  Hall elu. jah! 

Go hug someone and tell the one you fought with last week that life is short and make up!!!!!  May HIS glor ious Peace reign in your minds and hearts <3

Much love to all! 
D  +  M