P r.ye.r needs

We will update with praises as they come in!!  Stay tuned!!

1- That we finish all the sorting and packing in time.
     ANSWERED!  We did it and are still in one piece!  Now were have been here since 8/12!

2- Speed in receiving the work visa invite and ease in receiving our work visas.
     ANSWERED!  Not easy, but it was received a few days before we left.

3- Inexpensive plane tickets.
     ANSWERED, they were expensive in its total for us both, but manageable.

4- Our loved ones/family and friends as we transition.
      They are always a thought and pr.  a. ye/ r!

5- Our body as we travel, settle and begin teaching.
     The L 0. R. D gives strength in our time of need.

6- Michaella's allergies (skin and nasal allergies)
     The whole month of January has been very good!

7- Our students; as we will lead and teach them in many ways :)
    Never cease p r.y.ing

8- Open hearts and minds to everyone we meet.

9- Safety
    Wisdom must always be exercised

10- Our language barrier, we can take classes but it does cost.  Please pray for hearts to be moved to give towards this specific need- paying for language classes.

11-  Our future here and length of stay!

12- Dozier's skin issues.  It is like poison Ivy or poison oak.
      After about two weeks, it has finally CLEARED UP!!!  HOORAY!!

13- Language barrier.  With the help of youtube, a workbook and friends we are picking up <some> words and words are now becoming <small> phrases.  Its hard with the two languages Chi.nes.e and K.o r3an everywhere.


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