Monday, June 25, 2012

Graduation Day

Graduation has come and gone for me and the Doz. What an exciting day it was indeed! I (Michaella) got my nails done with my good friend Tiff Raley (We will miss the Raleys as they go on to their masters in LA). May 11th is a day of endings and beginnings; a day to close the joyful, tearful and growing time at Southeastern Bible College. We both graduated with a B.A. in Bible and theology, I also with a second B.A. in Elementary Education and Dozier with a minor in History. He is receiving a certification from ACSI to teach Bible in a Christian School.

With candlelight service the day before graduation, we waited all week with no school and no work to tend to, causing a little nerves and excitement to build all week! Finally the day of recognition came; as we filed into the cafe' there were no seats left as the program begun. We clung to our loved ones with intent of holding back our tears of excitement and joy at what God has brought to full fruition on this day! The speakers brought challenging words on what it was like to be "culturally relevant, Biblically grounded, and spiritually mature" to begin the candlelight ceremony. It was a gracious and humbling feeling knowing we were standing firm in the LORD and among our other fellow graduates.

Finally, the next day was graduation and it was here. I bought a new dress, and fixed my hair; Dozier, put on a tie! LOL He looked dashing in his suit! We met our fellow graduates for pictures in the courtyard, then went back to room 257 for instructions. We all sat wide eyed and big smiles, as the whole room listened intently, taking care to pay attention to what Mr. Wolfe was explaining. Oh how we all said with our eyes "Please LORD, don't let it be ME that trips or walks in front of the camera man and mess the whole evening up!!"

The moment came, we lined up alphabetically, were counted then ushered into the sanctuary of Southeastern Bible college for the last time as current students. The LORD filled our hearts as we walked to our seat, stood with honor and sat patiently to be called across that stage. As I stood in line to be called, it was as if I didn't hear anything but my name and the urge to run, jump and shout for joy across that stage! But the sight of Dr. Wolfe helped me regain my composure; as I strode easily across the stage, I felt as if I couldn't hear anything I was so filled with joy!


I reclaimed my seat in enough time to catch sight of my husband trailing behind me. Wat an honor that was to see him there. I silently prayed and cried at this phenomenon, this wonder. Knowing God has thus brought to fruition this miracle that Dozier was able to graduate with me, caused me to believe even more God has His mighty hands working in our lives stronger than what a human mind can possibly imagine.

A beautiful day, a wonderful moment in time was our graduation day as we turned our tassel's; all in one quick moment we were ushered out to the foyer as so many familiar faces swarmed us with smiles, tears and hugs. This is the moment I knew the LORD has redeemed, restored and refreshed us both for the mission field called the world. As everyone's camera lights flashed in our eyes, I find myself clinging to Dozier for support and clutching our diplomas with pride. My face hurt from smiling, my heart was full and I felt in my soul that Dozier was feeling what I was feeling.... wonder.... and awe, weakness in our human flesh and power in the almighty God. It is all the LORD that brought us to this pivotal moment in our lives. God did the growing of His spirit in us to allow us the life we are in. A life of dedicated service, a life of sacrifices and prayer is what God has trained us for at Southeastern. With minds swirling and loved ones demonstrating their love for us as people, we embrace the unknown of our future.
Let us wait on the LORD with patience and reverence in how God will demonstrate His goodness and mercy through our accomplishments at Southeastern. God is our reason for life; so let it be our lives we give to Him for this purpose. We await for His plan to be made known as we wait in Him by devouring the Holy Scriptures so we may understand the voice of God.

I pray you, the reader, have been moved to breaking from your complacency and move!! Seek His face in prayer, fast from desired earthly things so we may CLEARLY hear the still voice of GOD!!! I challenge you to make sacrifices, make hard choices, do things for the Kingdom of God!!
With love and care,
The Lee family

We remain in prayer for our future after college. May the LORD use our lives mightily and may we never cease seeking Him through His word for direction! Amen