Friday, May 4, 2012

Graduation is a few days away

The lee family undergrad graduation is scheduled for May 11th!  I cant believe it.  This time at Southeastern has shaped, ripped and re-created us both for the glory of God.  So thankful for this growing and trying experience, but definitely ready to move on to the real world... wherever that next move takes us.  Many opportunities and possibilities lie ahead of us and can only be understood through our continued prayer tot he LORD.

Life has taken so many changes and all can only be taken in with blind faith in the LORD.  God has allowed us to rent a small one bedroom at such a low rate that is month to month with no contract!!  The area is quiet and perfect just for the two of us to finish our studies strong and grow in wisdom of the LORD.  God has worked His plan without us even realizing its taking place, and by faith we have walked through these things with uncertainty at times, but knew that God controlled our lives.

Dozier took off spring of '11 to work and get us out of debt.  In doing so, we did not believe he would graduate with me until 2013.... but my favorite phrase "but God!"  He never once left us even though we cried out for change in the midst of his physically challenging job.  Exhaustion, loneliness and a trip to the ER kept us on our knees in prayer during the time he worked and I attended classes.

Finally, about 1 week before classes resumed the next fall of '11, we finally cried our last cry and saw it the  right time to inquire about him returning to school.  Long story short, he could return and finish May of '12 by changing his minor to history.  I must shout right now that this is a passion of his!!  Of course, he decided right there to make the switch and finished work on Friday and began classes the next Tuesday.  With maxed hours and service learning (volunteer activities required by SEBC) with his last two semesters, we will now both graduate together May 11, 2012 and finally be done!  God has plans for us we still do not know about even with graduation one week away.  Our desire is to teach the word of God, through academics and in a classroom setting.  We both believe our hands could not have made happen what did happen with our final few semesters but knowing God is completely using us, all for HIS GLORY!!

LORD please continue allowing us a mustard seed of faith each day to continue your plan with out us making a human mess of things.  Grow our faith and use us LORD to bring people to know Your Son Jesus and to radicalize this world, one person and country at a time.  We serve You with each breath, thought and action.  Guide us LORD, in all Your ways and truth.  Amen

Last day of student teaching

My last day of student teaching came and went.. oh how sad it was to leave but so sweet to be moving on of course!  I was given a large black and white flower reusable bag with a big "L" on it filled with post its, note pads, pens, markers, pencils, erasers oh a bottle of sanitizer with polka dots and a big "L" monogrammed in it!  Also a big pink clipboard with polka dots and of course, you guessed it, a monogrammed "L"!  So many wonderful gifts were given, too many to recall and write about. 

So many wonderful gifts with much love and appreciation for the giver and received that day.  The kids wrote me "love notes and not good-bye notes", they said tee hee :)

So blessed to have the call of being a teacher!

Valentines day in Student teaching


(A bit late on this blog, but oh well, i'm trying to get better!!!)

Its Valentines Day!  The day of celebrating love!  It was a beautiful cool and crisp day today as I walked up the long walkway and up the the second floor of Briarwood with all my goodies for my teachers and kids.  Previously I had made little red hearts cut from poster board with Collosians 3:23 written on each heart "DO all of your work strongly for the LORD and not for mankind."  I pok3ed two holes thorough the top and stuck a new, un-sharpened pencil through the holes.  It was a simple and cute with a lifesaver taped to each pencil.

Briskly I walked into the other five, third grade teachers rooms, said happy valentines day and plopped their gift on each desk.  By the time I reached my classroom, I was so overjoyed by the love the children had with their gifts and so eager to dish out to everyone.  As I turned the corner into my classroom, the smell of cocoa, sugar and sweets filed the room!

The principle waltzed in our room with a beaming smile and large box of candy filled cups for her teachers.  She exuded love for her job and joy in dishing out little and simple valentines for all of her teachers just to make their Valentines special.

At the end of the day, the children lined up their paper lunch bags on top of their desk to have them filled with little goodies.  By the time the last child filled their goodie into their friends bags I thought for sure each bag was going to bust!  The children were so happy and so eager to look in their bags all to see what they have received of course.  My teacher was so fair and allowed them each one thing from their bag to ease their excitement!

The joy, laughter and excitement that day filled my heart to see the happiness in my kids.  Its days like this that are a joy to look forward to and help the more challenging days of course.

Blessed and thankful my calling is a teacher!
Mrs. Lee