Thursday, July 26, 2012

Work visa status

Hey Friends!!

Here is a quick update of our preparation to depart for China!  We should have our work invitation within two weeks, maybe less, from our schools we will be teaching in; only then we can submit our applications for our work visa .  Once we send the final application off for the work visas, then we just wait for them to arrive in the mail.  It has been a long and detailed process just to get to this point in order to actually apply for the visas.  Once we receive the work visa's in the mail, then we can order our plane tickets!

Please pray we find a good deal for our tickets, as the time is closing in.  We have been advised not to purchase the ticket until we receive the work visa in hand. This is in case we purchase tickets for a certain day then receive the visas the following day.  We are still praying all goes well for the 18th of August to be our departure date.  Our Visas are not valid until the 20th anyway and we want/need to be there ASAP!

Yanbian, China is 13 hours ahead of us, and 14 during daylight savings time.  We see it will be wise for our departure to begin early the 18th because of the time difference and the 26 hour travel time itself.  Please pray for our bodies as we attempt to adjust quickly and be ready for orientation on the 23rd.

Well our packing is going slow but steady!  It has been a challenge to literally go through every piece of paper, bottle of lotion, spoon and jacket that we own and sort through for washing, packing or go to the sell pile.  Any help would be appreciated with the sorting and packing!   Here are a few pictures for you to enjoy for now...

This is Dozier going through our basket organizations, making a FREE, KEEP and SELL box:

This is one bookshelf almost completed.  We ended up using three small storage bins for our books!  We have only a small sell pile of books for the yard sale or 2nd and Charles.  Plus a few textbooks for our SEBC friends that we will no longer need!

Thanks for reading and enjoying our post everyone!
Have a great day,

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