Sunday, July 22, 2012

Packing progress as of July 22, 2012

Beloved, this post is quite overdue, I know....  The past few weeks have been a whirlwind of a time getting our entire life in a box.  We have sorted, thrown away, shredded, given generously and even in moments of desperation shoved item into our friends hands and said please get this stuff out of our house!  We are thankful for the endurance God has given us to make this happen in just a couple of months!

Right now we stand with a growing pile of things for our yard sale.  Who knew that two people that began with two matted pillows (that we threw away) few blankets, and an ocean full of love in our hearts could have accumulated so many items in our one bedroom home after three years!  Now, to sell it all off, has been an enriching time, although trying to just sort through things.  Not to mention after so many years of college paper work, and loved books, we have much to desire to keep from our blood, sweat and tears poured into our college experience that we are keeping.  Our books alone have filled up three small storage bins (to the brim might I add!!) and have four large bins for our treasures such as wedding dress, pictures, beloved wedding gifts and my favorite cooking items/pots/pans/gadgets.  I took a picture here of our four bins to hold the things we will keep that are not our college books/materials.  Our three small ones are already at my (Michaella's) parents house.  They have a nice storage shed in the backyard!

Our sale is coming fast, August 10th and 11th.  Any help would be greatly appreciated in any capacity at this point in our sorting, boxing and packing. 
Our sale will be held at our Church,
Christian Life Church
2490  Valleydale Road
Birmingham, AL. 

If I may just say for a moment, Dozier and I very thankful for the support of our loved ones (family and friends) for this huge move!  We are going for a missions adventure of a life time, and know that this school we are going to in a month will just be the begining!  May the LORD continue to lead where He wills and may we seek Him always to follow His steps!

Do look for an upcoming PRAYER tab at the top of our page.  We will be adding prayer requests and praises very soon!  One month and counting!

Because of Christ,
Michaella (and Dozier)

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