Saturday, August 4, 2012

Yard sale preperation schedule

Hey Friends!

We are in need of some help for our moving days, in order to prepare for the yard sale. Many items have already been sold to the next tenants so that has helped greatly!  Now we will not have to get a large moving vehicle, but rather a small one!  Many of our boxes have been taken to the Church already, as we have just taken a few car loads from our house.  I have heard the "pile" is growing from other WONDERFUL friends dropping items off for the sale.

If you would like to drop off donations for our yard sale, please have your items at the Church by early morning on Thursday, August 9th.  Items can be dropped off any time Monday till next Thursday from when the student center opens, I think its open from 8am to 5pm.  The student center is the THIRD building on our Church grounds.  (It is also known as the Family Life Center to some.)  The items can be left just inside the building; there is a stack of boxes piling up already.  You can not miss it once you open the door.
Christian Life Church address:
2490 Valleydale Road, Bham, Al 35244

Alright, here is our expected schedule for this week.  Please feel free to come help, none will be turned away!!

1) Monday and Tuesday: we must complete sorting and boxing everything in our house that is going to our sale.  Not very much is left that's going to the sale so that is not going to take tremendous effort at this point. 

2) Wednesday at 8am we will get the moving truck and load everything to take it to the Church.  Any hands would be GREATLY appreciated at this time.
Our address is 94 Bushwood Road, Irondale Alabama. 
Loading the truck should not take more than just a few hours so we expect to be at the Church to unload and sort around lunch time.   

3) Thursday will be spent completely at the Church for sorting and pricing everything.  Also, making any necessary signs for the sale.  This should take place from about 8am-4pm in the student center at Christian Life Church.

4) Friday and Saturday THE SALE!!  YAY!  The yard sale hours will be 7am to 2 pm.  We anticipate getting to the Church these two days around 6am or just before.  At the close of the sale on Saturday, I am arranging for the Love Lady Center to come pick up the remaining items for their ministry.  Most of you may know, I have spent many years pouring my college Women's Ministry into the Love Lady Center.  As a little side note, they are in need of size 5 and size 6 diapers.  They are in a huge overflow of women and small children!  Praise God!  But of course, there are tangible needs to be met.  Please spread the word of their need!  They will pick up or you can drop off the diapers at the thrift store in the old Circuit City building in Irondale/Eastlake (not sure exactly what its defined) or at their main location in Eastlake.

Anyway, I feel strongly about donating everything that is left to them because of my heart and dedication to them for the last 4 years... So that means, when the sale is over we will need to put everything in boxes for quick pick up by the Love Lady mission.

You guys rock!  And Dozier and I are overwhelmed with everyone's emotional and spiritual support thus far!  Feel free to call, email or FB us with any questions that you may have.

D 205-260-7104
M 205-332-9865

Michaella Lee (and Dozier!)

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