Monday, July 16, 2012


Yes! China!
So, you may be thinking, "This is a little out of the blue Doz!"
Well, to
For the last 5ish years Michealla & I have had China & South Korea in our minds.
Going overseas was one the earliest things we talked about in the progression of our relationship--communicating to each other our goals & dreams & such.
The story of us getting job positions in China is pretty simple but awesome--(deep breath) Michaella went to a women's luncheon & sat beside a lady who has a brother who is a close friend with the headmaster of a school in Yanji China. Emails/resumes were tossed around, applications--BANG! Michaella's approved as 5th & 6th grade homeroom teacher! Easy right?
My story is similar--(short breath)--The headmaster of Michaella's school in Yanji China has close ties with a nearby university. Emails/applications tossed around--BANG!--Dozier's approved in the Conversational English Department. (Moral of story--love networking!)
Many many details were left out of this deeply complicated process (I lied about it being simple). We're currently working towards getting our work visas to teach in China--man is this process complicated!!! Woman is this process complicated!!! This is complicated!
We're making progress with the visas, our positions are secured, housing is secured (faculty dorms--will talk about that later), & we're scheduled to leave AUGUST 18/19th 2012.
We're very excited about this & hope each of our family & friends are too! We'll just be gone a little while or so.
More details to come :)

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