Saturday, December 29, 2012

Playing catch up!

Hey friends!  What a hard time its been with the internet down so much.  We have felt so disconnected from our friends and family without Facebook, our blog and the ease of checking our e-mail.  Our Gmail e-mail is not blo,cked but we must be careful when opening any e-mail.  I promise to devote the next few days catching ya'll (that felt good to say that!) up to what has been happening in this part of the world!  

Very briefly, there has been a new,rnm`ent in place this past month and that is why the more difficult restrictions have been in place.  Do subscribe to our blog to make sure you get our updates!  I do send our link to my e-mail list to make sure we don't leave anyone out!

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Our health is well!  Dozier did get over his skin irritation mess he was in; it took about two weeks.  We did get our box of medicine and wow has it come in handy!!  I (Michaella) have been suffering some of the worst allergy attacks in the last month.  It was pretty bad when I got here, and thought for sure it could not get worse, but wow was I wrong.  The benadryl (SP?) and Sudaphed (SP?) with hot showers, netti pot (again SP?) and steamed wash cloth has been my only relief in the evenings.  Sorry, its late and I can't remember how to spell the meds :)  Some good nights are around, but for the most part, the last few weeks have proven its difficulty.  Tonight is a good night so I can blog and the VPN is working!!  Hooray!!

The last Thursday before school let out, for me, I began losing my voice and got full laryngitis the day after school was out.  That Friday, I was very hoarse, and one of my 5th grade boys, looked at me with big eyes and said in front of the whole class"Umm... Mrs. Michaella?  You sound like a boy"  Right then all of my 6th grade boys smacked him and muttered "dont say that"  "No!!"  "Shhhh"  HAHAH  I love my students.  I taught them what laryngitis was and that I get it every fall when the weather turns cold and is induced by my allergy attacks and its not contagious to them...  Oh well.  I made it the whole last day with my voice intact then Saturday, it was gone and I expected it to be gone for at least 3 -7 days, but that night my neighbor gave me an AM.ERI,CAN economy pack of my favorite cough drops, halls citrus flavor... Yeah I probably ate half the bag over the next 18 hours.  My voice was very high pitched Sunday and a bit scraggly till on Monday.  A minor cough this week, but I am pretty much back to normal today, a week later!!

We have both really needed rest, and have been worn down from the demands of deadlines and such... Oh it has been wonderful the rest and much needed cleaning and relaxation we have gotten this past week.

I have lots and LOTS of pictures to put up since this last month of being away from blogger and FB.  I will try to space them out to not overload the website!

Thank you all for the phone calls and love sent across the world!  It was a little sad for us on Christmas day, we can not lie... he had staff meetings on Christmas day and I still felt completely exhausted from this past semester the we decide to celebrate our Christmas on Saturday (today).  It snowed on the 25th here and today when we celebrated!  I will tell more with the pictures.  We had a wonderful day with each other playing in the snow!!  It snowed so much today!!  I made my first snow angel and I think it looked pretty good!  Then... my legs started to freeze because I am not acquainted with snow and did not wipe off the snow hard enough so, the freezing temps began freezing my legs but oh it was sooo fun!!

After our snow angels, he took me to an area I had never seen before on campus that was a small pond with beautiful rocks all around.  It is a few inches deep and totally frozen with fresh untouched snow.  Hmmm... what do you think we did????  Looked at it adoringly and walked away... NOT!  I must say, he did it first, the boy in him HAHA  he took off and slid across the snow and it uncovered the frozen pond.  I widened my eyes and breathed out frosty air and said ""AAHHH COOOL!!!"  And.... ran and slid too  :D

We laughed so hard and stomped on the ice and was reassured it was completely frozen.  This pond is literally 2-5 inches deep and that was it.  So we scooted and tried throwing snow balls at people but the snow was so loose and dry that it would not pack together no matter how hard we tried to pack it in our hands.  

I have never experienced such a day as this!!!!!!!!!  It was soooo much fun :D

Then, we clomped around the quiet campus, because, almost, all of the students have gone home and went to play in the playground near the family dorm.  So, the first thing we do, well, the first thing he does, is go up the steep tire wall to reach the top as I walk up the steps, carefully and meet at the top and he said "WHAT?  there are stairs???"  I laughed at his inner child as he crouched down and slid down the slide that was caked in snow.  I said "I am not doing that" as he slid down so fast he flew off and landed in a thud as his hood fell off.  It was quite hilarious.  Needless to say, I did not slide down that death trap with the fence like three feet from the bottom of the slide HAHAHA.

It was getting so cold that we finally decided to go home; it was a ghost town and getting dark anyway.  Home we went for hot lemon tea and leftover apple pancakes all to snuggle to keep warm.  Fun times in the Lee home in Ch,in.a  I am sorting pictures now, but here is one to peak your interest to get you back here in the next day :D 

Hangin with the dudes on the YUST campus

Have a great Saturday friends.  I am going to sort through the pictures and get some up soon!  And blog about my awesome birthday in,a!!  Come back soon!!

Love to all and Merry Christmas!
D  +  M

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