Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Preparing for thanksgiving in C hi.n a!

As I sit here eyes glued to my computer making multiple tests for tomorrow, I smell the wonderful smell of homemade banana bread!!  Oh yah!  Success!!  This is for my B Study group Thanksgiving meal on Thursday.  They have chickens and mashed potatoes provided.  Not sure what else, but so far those two things sound AMAAAAZING right about now!  Our English Ch.ur ch service is having a gathering on Saturday night with entertainment for the evening.  Its mostly any talent will be accepted, they just sign up and perform during dinner.  This could get interesting!  Dozier and I will be singing a few lovely songs with our B study.

So... for the last two weeks I have been searching for marshmallows  and to little avail, I have only heard of some flavored kinds around here... oh well.  I really wanted to make sweet potato casserole and have been secretly pining for a bag to complete a traditional AMERICAN!!!  sweet potato casserole... Well, I thought all hope was lost and then.. my coworker called me a few minutes ago just to say that her family sent her a care package in which it contained.........
A BAG OF MARSHMALLOWS!!   Oh YEAH!!  And she wants me to make it for Saturday!!

Ok... So I was just a little excited! 

I will also make sweet carrots, a baked veggie dish which will probably only have zucchini and carrots and cinnamon apple bread.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!!  Enjoy a picture of my homemade banana bread here:

Whats this?  A missing piece?    :D

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