Sunday, December 30, 2012

Pictures of Thanksgiving in Ch-in.a

Okay a month late on blogging about Thanksgiving, but at least I have something to blog about!  Our English service held a Thanksgiving pot luck and whoa that was very interesting!!  I made about 6 different dishes and homemade lemonade ... Hmm I wonder why I did not have time to blog?  Not to mention deeply cutting my thumb on the vegetable tray in the middle of it all.. Eeekk.  It was a little scary but thankfully I had PLENTY of disposable gloves on hand to continue with speed.  

So where was my wonderful husband in all of this?  He went early to help gather tables from everyone's home, set up the room and practice with our B-b le study group.  They performed during dinner, along with many other acts and performances.  It was kind of like an open mic night.  It was very fun!! 

This was placed at each seat <3
My homemade banana bread

Our feast!!!

My good friend from the Philippines! 

Many friendly faces of our English service each Sunday

My Thanksgiving meal eaten with chopsticks and Kor3a,n  juice... Rice was involved but browned with mushrooms at least.

Dozier playing his 6 string with some good friends in
our weekly B-bl,e study.  Check out the 'picture' in the background made out of wood...  ;)

There is just something about a man on his guitar .....   <3

I just can not get enough pictures of this handsome guy!!

Many different culture's shown here: USA, Austrian, Germany, New Zealand... I think.  That guy only visited about a week.  And I can not remember who this is from the back, on the right, probably someone form the German department.

Some dudes talking after the meal.  Look his eyes are sparkling.  Taken with my camera phone.

The guy on the left, he is a a riot!  He is from Austria and speaks German as his first language, English as his 2nd, Ch in es. e and Kor3a,n  as his last.  You can imagine a conversation with him is flavorful LOL   He teaches math at my school.

I hope you all enjoyed the pictures!!  Cooking was definitely fun with an easy bake oven and 9 & 1/2 fingers HAHA  We had great food, and wonderful fellowship!   This was held the day after Thanksgiving.  

The night of, we went to a friends house and had fried chicken, real mashed potatoes, gravy from a packet from the States YUM!  Fruit salad, Kor3a,n  juice, red bean rolls, its just bread rolls with mushed red beans hidden inside as a 'surprise'... yech, he and I do not like them, but wow are they popular!

We love and missed having Thanksgiving with our family, but we were in the fellowship of the L. O R.-D and HIS people!!!  Our hearts, spirits and bellies were satisfied!  PTL!

D  +  M

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