Thursday, November 8, 2012

Best times to call D + M in Chin.a

Hey friends!!

Some have been asking when is a good time to call so... I created a list of our available times to take calls for your convenience!  It is a house phone so obviously... we must be home to answer!  First, our number is a local number and works as if you are calling us in Birmingham AL.  

You can call us on Michaella's old cell phone number,     205-332-9865    Our calls are made through Magic Jack and works through the internet.  We bought a dinky little house phone that buzzes in our ears like a bumble bee, but its ok because we only spent about $5.50 USD on it so if it goes out then oh well.... have to get  one that's a bit better.  It was the cheapest one we could find, some range up to $120 USD!!

Anyway!!  Here are our available times that we are home; I will write the times forhe t Central time zone to make it the most clear:

(PS This is while in daylight savings time, when the US falls back; that means we are 14 hours ahead in time here)

Sunday:         5 am to 9 am
Monday:        5 am to 9 am
Tuesday:       5 am to 9 am
Wednesday: 5 am to 9 am
Thursday:      5 am to 9 am
Friday:           5 am to 10 am   ALSO 5 pm to 12 am
Saturday:      12 am to 9 am   ALSO 10 pm to Sunday at 9 am

Our Eastern coast crew, just add one hour because we are 13 hours ahead.  I hope this was not to confusing... We are home around 5 or 6 pm each night and its hit or miss on the weekends.  

We love you all!  Please eat some turkey for us!

D + M

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  1. This definitely was a big help! Matt and I smoked a turkey tonight... wish I could air mail a piece for you!