Thursday, October 25, 2012

Snow dayzzz in Ch.

What is this crunchy white stuff under my feet?  Why, its SNOW!! 

If you cannot read what I wrote it says:

Finally I (michaella) has seen a thick blanketing of snow!  Dozier and I were in our dorm room, studying for the next days classes when one of my fellow teachers came banging on our door.  She was yelling COME SEE THE FIRST YA.NJI SNOW!  (There are three other faculty near our door).

Everyone poked our heads out and within a few minutes we were outside standing amazed under the lamp post.  I could not believe how dark it was, and how little our visibility was!  I was completely astonished.  My fellow teacher from North Dakota was laughing at me, just so enjoying,  a newbies first few minutes of REAL heavy snow. 

 I couldn't keep out of it as I tried to catch some on my tongue  more like was pelted in the whole face.  The flakes were HUGE!!  Such an exciting moment, then I began feeling very wet and soaked then said I think I need to go in now.  Thankfully, i stopped snowing somewhere just before dawn, then the ground was completely covered.  I would say in the highest parts, maybe 5 inches and low points maybe 4 inches.  It hard to tell, because the wind is so strong here.

A view from the second floor of our dorm building.

This is a view, from the second floor of the front
 entrance to our dorm.

This is overlooking an open area near the family dorms.

Family dorm area.

We took a walk to the coffee shop for coffee/hot cocoa and some awesome grading.  This is in between dorm 3 and dorm 2.
Just beautiful <3

This is the front side of our dorm, dorm four.  We were walking in the "great wall" on campus to the coffee shop.

A walking area where many sculptures are out on display;
work that the students have made i.n the past

Snapped this right outside of the campus coffee shop.  The steps had frozen over so fast, that I almost slipped right off of the front steps leading outside.  I did an ultimate gravity check, and yes, my conclusions were correct: gravity is in perfect working condition.

Another view outside of the coffee shop.

Coffee shop

So thick!!  Check out the footprints!

This is a view from our campus over looking The ring and sculpture in the middle is one of the many pieces of artwork from the college campus.

I took this from inside the "great wall" on campus.  The next time im outside and not in such a hurry to get to school, I will take some pictures of our "great wall".  It was built to protect people from the weather, ease of getting to each building and for safety.  Some call it the "great hall"  because that is what it is, literally.  From the outside, it is built as a replica of
The Great Wall of C.hin.a

This is the view the next morning from my teeny tiny kitchen window.  We live on the ground floor.  The pink building in the picture is the campus Nursing building.

The rest of the pictures were taken on my way to school.  
I left early just so I could take pictures in the sunlight.  
This were taken about 6:45AM on October 23, 2012.
This was written by the other middle school teacher.
She totally rocks!!

My walk to school each morning overlooks the city.  The snow is covering so many little crops from the locals.  Its all gone now...

My rain boots with a snow liner in my boots.  I hope they will keep me warm enough- this is my walk to school the next morning.  

Hello Ya.nj.i Chin/a!!

This area was once crops; the mounds are actually the dying piles of harvested corn stalks.

More covered crops; the stalks here are dying sun flowers.

The students soccer field goal.  I thought this was a pretty picture, and it shows how much it snowed last night.

Pretty scenery.  Just beyond these trees by about 50 yards are more crop areas from the locals.

DEEP FOOT PRINTS!!  I hear it will only get deeper! AAH

Pretty picture as I turn into the back part of my school.
So beautiful!!

Signing off for now; it is midnight and I need rest for Friday!  It is family night for the middle school, that is me and one other teacher lolololol  we combine 5th and 6th (me) and 7th and 8th (that is the girl who banged on our door to come see snow).

Much love to all.  Please reference our Pr.a.y/err tab, there are some pressing needs to be LIFTED up!

I do hope to blog on my schools family night after we have it on Friday!!

KEEP PR.A!S!NG THE FATHER IN H3AV.EN WHO SITS ON THE THRONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Set your gaze like a flint towards HIS SON; this may be established by intentional reading of the WORD and seeking HIS FACE!!  GLORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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