Saturday, October 20, 2012

Dancing in the park... C.hi.n.a days

After a long day of shopping for home goods and groceries one day, we hopped on the city bus and headed home.  The weather had not turned cold yet but was rather pleasant out.  It was about 6:35 as we stepped off our bus stop near campus.  With bags in arm and laughter in our hearts, we heard some authentic oriental music coming from an open park near our stop.  Quickly, we ventured over to see what might be taking place and in the clearing we saw, maybe 30, people in an organized dance to this music.  It was so intriguing to see this take place that we set our bags near us and stood by and watched for a few minutes.

Most of the people there were really quite good in keeping up with the leader on their dance steps.  The crowd of dancers kept on dancing and we just smiled in admiration of how good they were.  Quickly we noticed it was simple dances and that we might be able to just jump in and try.  So we did.  HEE HEE  How fun it was, trying our hardest to keep up with the dancers.  We tried to stifle our our laughs because we were having so much fun on the back row.  It was like Asian line dancing.

A few moves called for some spinning and as we turned and faced front again, we noticed there were many people that sat and watched; some came up and joined and followed the steps like they had danced this for years.  Everyone watching were watching us; it was me, Dozier and another teacher, she is our age (and has become a really good friend!!)  So the three of us were dancing and having such a great time then we noticed  some people were taking pictures of us as we danced and smiled so big; we tried not to laugh too loud from our enjoyment but it showed on our faces :0

The dance ended finally about 7:05 and as the crowd began dispersing, we tried to talk with some people.  Not one person spoke English and was very frustrating.  At that point, we only new how to say HELLO, GOODBYE and THANK YOU in the two common languages here: Chin3s.e and Kor3a.n  We said it in the former first, and then got no response.  Then said thank you in the latter and every one started smiling and talking loud and pointing in a happy response HAHA  it was a good moment that we could AT LEAST express that we enjoyed dancing with everyone!

Well, we tried to communicate more but oh well, we just could not and so we got a few books to help us and hope t take advantage of our 10 week winter break here and learn one of the two languages.  The city is half and half of both cultures.  Every sign and package is in both languages here, so we still do not know which language to learn first.  Please TALK with the FATHER to give us wisdom on which to begin our lessons in.

The next day, I asked my 5th and 6th grade students about the dancing in the park.  They all began laughing so loud and said "Oh Mrs. Michaella, you danced with them???"  They could not stop laughing at me and I said we had such a  fantastic time and want to know what we actually did!  My students said it was actually a weekly exercise group that is open to all of the public for free.  They meet at 6pm and go until about 7pm.  Its a way to stay fit around here.  My kids laughed so hard because they said, in their words "only like, Grandmas and Grandpas do that!"  I asked, it this not open to all ages??  They said yes anyone can go do it, but only OLD PEOPLE do that!  SO I laughed and said OKAY Then I will meet you all in the park tomorrow at 6pm.  HAHAHA they al burst out laughing.

We were all glad to know we were not participating in summoning 'something' that should not be summoned.  In the moment of being there, we b3liev3d it was not anything wrong to be doing so we stayed until the end.

Fun times, what memories and laughs the FATHER allows us, in the simplest things like dancing :)

TALK with the FATHER for our language barrier please.  We all share a frustration in not being able to communicate, but oh how we are reminded that in all things we must find our patience in knowing, maybe the PRESENCE in us, is preparing the way.  May HE be glorifi3d in all things.

Good night to all, please know we love and miss our loved ones so very much.  Be a fragrant offering to HIM.  I challenge you all to step out of your comforts and touch the unlovely; seek HIM to pour HIMSELF onto you to be a vessel for HIM while it is still called today.  Rest in HIM, and bring that REST to others.  BE EARTH SHAKERS!!!

D & M

(P.S. written by Michaella :D)

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