Wednesday, July 10, 2013


'YOUR STAGE' pops YUST, name of the college that Dozier
teaches in.  Very clever hee hee  :)

Had a blast dancing in the YUST performance last month!!  The guy with dozier (above) his Chi nese name is Fan, English name is Oscar.  He became a great friend to me and Dozier but then left us for Hong Kong   :`(   He promised to visit if ever gets 
near Alabama when we get back.  

We had a great time doing a crazy flash mob dance with him and like 20-25 other people.  We wore neon colors and had four groups then ran on stage for a synchronized dance.  There were 20 acts so it was a looong night.  After it was over the grand finale was lighting some things on fire.  Scroll down to see   :)

The MC's for the night.  The ladies came out in a
different dress every time.

Everyone was taking pictures, laughing and having a great time when they finally got
everything lit up.  This large group began dancing, singing and laughing.
You can see them holding hands and moving in a circle.

Great times.  Great memories.  Great marriage.  Great love.  
Can it get any better than this?  

(Wǒ ài zhège nánrén)  (I love this man)

Fun times!!!  Have a great day everyone!!!

D  +  M  <3

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