Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Coming Home for Christmas

Facebook Status:
Coming home for Christmas <3 Time spent with loved ones will be short, but sweet beyond measure. A blog is up with more detail and with a list desired items to bring back for various purposes. Please let the Lrd move your heart in making a donation to our travel expenses or items to donate. Please see our blog site for donation information.  
See you all soon <3 Love, The Lee's

Dear Loved Ones,
We want to thank you for investing in our time in this land. As we wrap up our third semester here we are announcing Thee Lee's will be coming home for the winter break! We will stay with family and friends during the two months being Stateside. If you would like to make a donation to help with the flight cost please do so as soon as possible and as you are Led by the L0.RD If you have any questions please feel free to contact us by e-mailing or Facebooking us together at dozier.lee@gmail and michaella.lee523@gmail.com, or by posting on this thread.

Please reference our contact tab for our contact information. I will post our temporary phone numbers upon return and can always be reached by e-mail and Facebook when we return.

We want to tell you thank you for supporting us in this adventure. As many of you know we will have a lot going on to make accommodations to come home. If we don't respond to your contacts it's because we truly are slammed with work, packing, and prepping for the next semester. 

Please be in REYARP (read backwards) for our transition; many life changes have transpired and we ask for your love and understanding in our shortened time with everyone. Life here has proven its difficulty and has been stressful beyond measure, in various ways. We love you all and thank you for every bit of your invested time, love, SREYARP and financial contribution.

There are some items we would like to bring back to this land, for our students and for personal use. Please feel free to help up us load up an empty suitcase with goodies such as:

Frutiy candy, skittles, nerds, air heads, sourpatch kids, life savers, jolly ranchers, bubble gum, trident gum, Baby Ruth, Recees pieces, (I forgot how to spell it LOL). Please no full size candy bars; the day goes much better with bite sized sugar rushes :)

School supplies: real #2 pencils, eraser tops, red Bic pens, mini pencil sharpeners, motivational stickers, motivational stampers (we can get ink pads here).

Personal items; store brand is fine for anything of the following: chewable tums, halls refresh, Netti pot saline solution refill pack, Zyrtec (Walgreens store brand is fine: Walzyr) Ibprofin, Uno cards, and any other small card games or small board game for middle school age and up.

Much love to all,