Sunday, March 10, 2013

What a beautiful day

Today, Dozier and I spent the day out in the crowds today, holding hands and showing the world there is something great that we can love: others.  It was fun for the first hour as we walked around smiling at people in and out of the stores, and then, the sun began to set..  And whoa it started to get cold quick!  The wind was picking up and it felt brutal each step we took.  After a wile, we stopped in one store to buy an item we needed and stayed there for at least ten minutes to warm up.  We headed home shortly after we warmed up.

At one point we stopped near a beauty counter because I needed new eye shadow (I have had the same for tooooo long, it was causing irritation, red eyes and tears...) I finally found a color that was a good price and agreed to it.  As I'm getting my money, the clerk (as usual) tries to up sell me, I say "no thank you" in my broken Chi nese then realize she is fiercely pointing at my dark circles and talking loud... Which is just talking in this culture... LOL

I grab her mirror and to my horror I realize I have no make up on...NONE!   She had a point...  I have been a bit perturbed over these newly formed and unwanted colors since last fall but did not want to spend money on things like this.  

Oh well, I talked the price down and got a small container of dark circle remover with my new eye shadow of two colors for about $17 USD... guess that is what I get for being a middle school teacher in another country!  All nineteen students are worth dark circles and ever falling gray hairs from my head :)

Can anyone say.... Sleep deprived?

Hope everyone remembered to turn their clocks forward this morning!?  Here in Chi na we do not have such a thing.  It is the same time and time zone from the East to the West and from the South to the North in all of  C hi na.  It works great here, why not back home?  I say we fall back and leave it alone!!

Have a great Sunday everyone.  I am about to go to bed with a belly full of homemade soup, sandwiches and banana bread while hoping this cream works for my "black eyes"  :D

Much Love to all,
D  +  M