Thursday, November 15, 2012

A little FB flirt HAHA

I put this on Facebook earlier today on Dozier's wall.  I thought this was (too cute and) a perfect look into our lives right now :)  This is to share with our many NON-Facebook friends, because we love ya'll too

That felt so good to say YA'LL!!!


Your cute.  Lets facebook flirt ;)   Wanna take a loud and obnoxious bus downtown, fish our way through a thousand people we can not speak with, take the never ending staring and pointing with a smile, share a candy covered rotten apple ( LOL ), do our best to not buy every item the sales clerk shoves in our hands as they are "talking loudly" to us (YELLING!), only to walk a mile uphill in the freezing cold back to our teeny but cozy dorm room and look at our one back pack full of food we just spent 3 hours trying to purchase?

Yep... that sound glorious to me.  You know why?  Because that is OUR life <3

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